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A Day for a Diaper Drive

Diapers were showing up by the truck load. Here is Steve with over 1000 diapers to in his truck donated by 5 club members.

Highlands Ranch Hot Rodders teamed up with Cornerstone Church for a diaper drive / Car Show benefiting Rocky Mountain Diaper Depot. A total of 13,844 diapers were donated to Rocky Mountain Diaper Depot. These Diapers will go to many families in need of help through out Colorado. Many thanks to all the people that brought their cars and donated to the cause.

We had a contest to see how many diapers you can put in a Porsche Convertible and a C7 Corvette. The Porsche held 1600 and the Corvette held 1400. I guess that means if you're looking for a family sports car you're better off with a Porsche?

There were at least 180 cars that attended the show. Everything from a Model T pickup to Late Model C8 Corvettes. I even saw a McLaren cruise through the show.

Some of the Highlands Ranch Hot Rodders Cars.

Many thanks go out to the club members that brought their cars out to make this a great success. Here are a some of the members that I saw at the show Diana & Woody, Bryan & Marcha, Don Plant, Ron Latine, Carol & Her friend Terry, Rod, Steve, Steve, Steve, Ed, George & Cheryl, Mark & Susan, Mike, Joe, Virgil, Brett, Dean and "The fleet" - Angy, Ron, Regina and crew. I should include myself and more club members that I did not run into. It was a great turn out by the club.

Some Random Mopar's

'69 Road Runner and a '67 383 Charger. These two cars reminded me of a couple of friends I had that were the Mopar guys. Rick had a Black Road Runner and Al (My Sister's old boy friend) had the 67 Charger. Al wasn't a very good driver and he put his Charger in the ditch and wrote it off. I think we all have memories of these old classics. I like the foot gas pedal in the Charger right for the era.

Carol's Pics

I always like including other peoples pics and their comments. As you can see she was impressed with George's Tiger Tail hanging out of the back of his 65 GTO. I like the angle she took of my Corvette, and Steve's Yellow Hot Rod pickup. She also caught Don Plant and I slacking off and sitting in front of Don's 68 Camaro. This scene didn't last long as I'm not much for sitting at car shows - Too much stuff to look at and people to talk to. Oh ya Carol's very original 68 Camaro that she loves to drive. Thanks for the pics Carol.

Couple of Videos

Rod Newberry leaving in his C7 Corvette.

Angy and her fleet of friends leaving the show. Thanks for coming Angy!

Top 5 Car Trophies

There were 5 trophies supplied by Highlands Ranch Hot Rodders for the top 5 cars in the show.

The winners were as follows.

  • Norm - 1956 Chevy 210 Right hand drive

  • Tim - 1947 Merc Coupe Caddy Motor

  • James - 1988 Ferrari M32

  • Dan - 1954 Chrysler New Yorker

  • Lance 2021 Porsche Turbo S

Pics Description

James and Ron standing next to James Ferrari. Tim's 1947 Mercury Coupe with a Cadillac motor. This is a beautiful build very rare to see a Cadillac powered Hot Rod.


Without the volunteers there would be no car show. Many Many Thanks for the Highlands Ranch Hot Rodders that helped out with the show.

  • Don Plant

  • Ron Latine

  • Brett Angell & Emme

  • Steve Owen

  • Siggy

  • And anyone else that stepped in and helped out!

Email from Joan / Rocky Mountain Diaper Depot



On behalf of everyone at the Rocky Mountain Diaper Depot I just wanted to send a million thanks to you and everyone at the Highlands Ranch Hot Rodders. It was an awesome idea to work with the Coffee and Cars group and get the support of Cornerstone Church for your 8/6/2022 Charity Car Show. You had a great turnout and everyone had a wonderful time. It is so nice to be able to attend these fun events as we return to “normal” following the Covid Pandemic.

The final tally was 13,844 diapers with 9,884 collected at the Car Show and another 4,000 to be purchased with the $798 in cash donations. This will help over 70 babies have diapers for a month which will keep their bottoms clean and dry. This was a huge amount and more than double the diapers from the previous two Charity Car Shows. It also provided us with an opportunity to share information about the ongoing need for diapers with several individuals who were never aware of this special need. Please keep us in mind for future Car Shows. We really enjoy working with you and the Highlands Hot Rodders group. Let me know if there is anything we can do to help you or your group.

Have a wonderful year, and I hope I see you again soon,

Joan Youmans

Director of Operations

Rocky Mountain Diaper Depot

Cornerstone Church

Many thanks to Cornerstone Church for sponsoring the event and the usage of their parking lot.


This was a great success for everyone and we are looking forward to putting it on next year.

Everyone go out and enjoy your summer and your Hot Rods.

Drive Safely


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