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Calvin is Off The Map - He's fled the country!

I have left the country and gone to Canada! This was so that I could attend one of my favorite cars shows. "The Penticton Peach City Beach Cruise" For my Friends in the USA I thought I would write this blog so that you can get a taste of a Canadian car show. When I lived in Canada Penticton was my families vacation spot. Over 40 years ago my brother Bill and his wife moved to Penticton British Columbia.

Below is a picture of my brother Bill and I after the show. Standing next to his 1929 Model A 1/4 ton sedan delivery. In the background is Okanagan Lake.

Penticton is located 4.5 hours Northwest of Spokane Washington. Nestled in the Southern Okanagan Valley between Skaha Lake to the South and Okanagan Lake to the North. The city is about 5 miles long with a population of around 37,000. Mild winter temperatures and temperatures reaching over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in summer makes it perfect for growing fruit and grapes for wine. There are over 200 wineries located within 100 miles of Penticton, this makes it a beautiful place for taking your Hot Rod on a cruise to a winery for lunch! With this being said, if you are ever thinking about visiting Canada, the Okanagan Valley is great location.

By the way, for those who think that all of Canada is the frozen tundra, temps were in the high 70's the day of the show. Perfect weather!

OK lets get down to business and talk cars.

Below is Shane Gunn's 67 Pontiac Beaumont. Shane has his Mancave about 3 doors down from my brothers house. He dropped by to see how we were doing and we got talking polishing his car. He was amazed when I told him I had Adams Polishing products with me and everything for polishing his car, and that I would teach him how to do his car. Needless to say his car turned out beautiful and he ended up with runner up for 60's modified.

Shane purchased this car in Horseshoe Bay in 1992 for $4200, with 42,000 miles on it. Shane married his wife Meg in 1995. They had two girls and his new family grew up with the car. A family picture was taken every year with the car in it. He taught his two daughters how to drive in this car. This was his future son-in-laws first complete paint job. Polished with Adams Polishes 3 days before the show.

He calls his man cave RDS Hot Rod Garage, to read more about Shane search for RDS Hot Rod Garage on Facebook.

BTW the red car shows you the difference between a 67 Beaumont and a 67 Chevelle.

On the left is Scott Worden with is 1953 Chevy pickup. To the right is Scott with his wife Cora-Lea and her 1969 Camaro.

Scott purchase his patinaed truck a couple years ago as a Street Rod and put his own twist on it converting it to a Race Truck. The truck is running a 535 Brodix Big Block Chevy, Holley Fuel Injection, 4L80E Transmission with a TSC Multi Plate Lockup Converter, Curry 9” Rear-end, PST Carbon fiber driveshaft, TCI 4 Link Rear Suspension, QA1 Front Suspension and

Cora-Lea has the 1969 Camaro, she is a real motor head the picture to the far right is her detailing the engine compartment, she had it done to the 9s! The car is a 1969 Camaro RS/SS 427. The engine has a Bored and Stroked 427 / 491 Cubic Inches. The car has QA1 Suspension, Richmond 6 speed transmission and Curry 9" rear-end. Actually the list of trick parts was so long that I got glazed over you will have to excuse me. Shane above sent Scott down to talk to me as the Camaro has a 20 year old paint job and your typical small spider scratches in it and faded. I gave him a quick talk on the Adams Polishes and how to polish the car and off he went. The paint turned out scratch less and very deep red. Scott did a great job on bringing this paint back to life while Cora-Lea detailed the interior and engine compartment. Cora-Lea was very proud of this car and loved to shift the gears in the 6 speed transmission.

Here's a quick overview of some of the other cars.

This truck won Registrants Choice - 1955 Fully Custom Snub-Nosed COE Cameo. This truck was really really nice! With all the LS powered vehicles out there now I thought it was an interesting twist to have a 409 Chevy in it.

1964 Pontiac Parisienne Custom Sport with a 327 in it? Yep that's right Canadian Pontiacs were build on Chevy frames with Chevy running gear.

I got a kick out this car; 1973 MGB with a Super Charged All Aluminum Buick 215 V8. This car also won a trophy for Offshore Custom.

Some quick videos.

1968 Dart Swinger cruising down Lake Shore Drive - Registered show cars are allowed to cruise the show.

Pro street Model A heading to the dyno - Yes if you wanted to know your horsepower they had a portable dyno at the show.

Super Charged 66 Chevelle - The Canadians love their superchargers!

In Closing.

Hope everyone has enjoyed my Blog today. Please remember the upcoming HRHR club events.

  • Reminder for those who have RSVPed for the HRHR Breakfast at the Woods'

  • HRHR Private Club Picnic July 16th at Mark Allen's / Titan Car Condos.

Remember to talk to Mark Allen about his Car Condos Project located at Santa Fe and Titan Road. He's taking orders!

Get your Hot Rods out, enjoy summer and drive safely.

Calvin Sawkins

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