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Friday Freddy's - Overcast but turned into a great evening.

This week we had little over 20 cars show up at our Friday Freddy's get together. It was cloudy and looked like rain but the brave showed up. Many thanks to the Highlands Ranch Hot Rodders Club President Ron Latine for providing me with the pictures.

Here's a few pictures of the cars that showed up Friday night at Freddy's. These are both club members and regulars. All sorts of cars from an old 1932 Ford Pickup hot rod, classics like GTOs, Chevy IIs and Firebirds to modern Muscle cars like the late model Corvettes.

OK, If you see a parking lot full of Hot Rods and a group of Hot Rod guys standing or sitting around waving their arms and talking you know there are some good stories being told.

Featured Car

This is Bryan and Marsh Corah's latest purchase. This is a cool, cool Vintage Hot Rod. Back in the 50's and early 60's this would be a Hot Rod that you would see cruising through town. Of course the driver would have his hair slicked back, arm resting the door and a pack of cigs rolled up in his sleeve, LOL. Bryan was gracious enough to share the story behind this car with me today. Please see Bryan's story below.

Bryan's Story

I was proud to be able to buy the’32 from one of our senior club members, Sandy R. a few months back. Sandy owns 4 Deuces and told me he built his first 32 at the age of 15. Sandy is 78 now and he impressed me with his passion and vigor for the hobby. He has a wealth of knowledge for the motor “flathead” witch he likes to use in his builds. My truck has a flathead & transmission from a ‘48 mercury, model 59. It has two Stromberg carbs Sharp manifold and Edelbrock heads that he used for this build. It’s got Pertronix distributor & MSD ignition. He rebuilt the engine and all the parts on this truck, He also used some rare original touches like the steering wheel and shifter knob I think is pretty cool. It has Wishbone suspension with a 5” dropped front axle and banjo rear end. He found a original ‘32 frame and made the effort to get the vin number from it and got it on the title! The truck drives and really speaks nostalgia. The color is Imperial Maroon. The motor was rebuilt by Sandy it's a 239 cubic inch V8 model 59.

Me and Marsha love it!

Thanks for the story Bryan

It's Memorial Day weekend please go out and thank a Vet for their service. We live in a great country and its because of their sacrifice that we are able to live free and secure.

Enjoy your weekend and your Hot Rod.

Drive safely


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Ronald Latine
Ronald Latine

I agree that considering the dark cloud initially hanging over us, it did not look good for many cars attending. Fortunately that cloud moved to the east and it ended up being a nice night.

What I enjoy the most about Freddy's is not only seeing the 8 or 10 that are there every week but the new and many different types of cars/trucks that are starting to attend along with all the spectators. Freddy's Friday Night has also enabled us to gain new members. Of course the great camaraderie and a nice no cost sunday helps.

To keep this event going every Friday the Board needs a couple members to step for 1 or 2 of the Friday nights.

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