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HRHR - July 4th 2022 Parade & Club Breakfast

The 4th of July was a beautiful day for the Highlands Ranch Parade hosted by Downing Events. Leading the Highlands Ranch Hot Rodders in the parade was an "Oshkosh" big retired military all wheel drive truck owned by Mark Allen. This truck is huge and always lets the crowd know that the Highlands Ranch Hot Rodders are on their way. I love how it sports an American flag; you can't get much more patriotic than that for the 4th of July representing our independence.

The HRHR club had over 30 cars in the parade, a great representation of what we are made of. Everything from modern day hotrod collectors, built hotrods, original antiques, mussel cars to super cars.

While waiting for the parade to start there was plenty of comradely, between the members as they looked at each other cars and visited.

There was a big crowd of spectators lining the parade route many people deep. Best thing I like about the parade is being able to see and hear the cars as they drive by.

4th of July Club Breakfast hosted by the Diana and Woody Woods'

After the parade the Woods' were gracious enough to open their Car Condos to the Highlands Ranch Hot Rodders car club members to enjoy Breakfast Burritos.

It was a very sunny day allowing for all the cars to show off their paint jobs and bling. Some of the members decorated their cars with the Red, White and Blue.

Many thanks to:

Rod Newberry for arranging the club event

Mary, Jane and Dave for helping Diana with the setup

And a special thanks to Diana and Woody for hosting the club event at "Saloon Town" and "Diner Town" (their car condos).

Blog pictures were supplied by John Over, Tami Accardi and Ron Latine.

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