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Friday at Freddy's - What a difference a week makes

Updated: May 8, 2022

Friday was an absolutely beautiful Colorado evening, perfect cruising weather. A bunch of Hot Rodders showed up at Freddy’s - 900 SGT Jon Stiles Drive Highlands Ranch for a great evening of showing off their cars and visiting. There were approximately 30 cars counting both members and non-members cars.

Highlands Ranch Hot Rodders Cars

Don Plant leaving in his 68 Camaro SS with a Small Block Chevy in it.

Ed Varela leaving in his in his 1940 Chevy Sedan Hotrod running a Small Block Chevy.

Walking around and spoke with many of the car owners, they are a friendly group and all want to share their stories. I’ll share one story in particular. I ran in to Tom Ware he is the guy that owns the Red 62 Corvette RPO 687. This car has 327 cubic-inch motor with a 4 speed transmission. On the Highlands Ranch Hot Rodders website we have a picture of his car. Tom purchased the car in California about 6 years ago. For 4 years prior to purchasing the car he would walk a block away, to admire the Corvette and talk to the owner. Tom has a winter residence in Arizona where he keeps the car, he plans on having it transported to Colorado so that he can enjoy it here. If you ever wonder how you transport cars as rare as this one I have attached a picture of his car being move from California to Arizona. A 62 Corvette is a “C1” – first version of the Corvette. C1 Corvettes were built from 1953-1962. Next time you are at a car show if you want to identify a 1962 Corvette they are unique as they have painted headlight bezels (61-62 only) but all 62 Corvettes were one color only (No second color in the side coves). Also, 1962 Corvettes have no side chrome on surrounding the coves and they were the first year to have rocker panels and the 327CI motor. If you want to take it one step further RPO 687’s Corvette will have the small hubcaps. RPO 687 were the Z06 of the 1962 Corvette.

Club members lined up their C7 Corvettes accompanied by 1 C6 Corvette and a Alfa Romeo.

The Highlands Ranch Hot Rodders will be hosting the Taste of Philly and Max Taps car show May 22nd 10:30am – 2:00pm at 2660 County Line Rd. This car show is a fund raiser that benefits the American Legion Post 1260, Veterans who have defended our freedom. We are looking for volunteers to help with parking and logistics for the show. Last year there were close to 200 cars show up for the event. A couple of “Adams Polishes” goodies will be raffled off to anyone who donates to the cause. Please put it on your calendar and attend the show.

Volunteers will be needed from 7am to 2pm. If you can volunteer to help at the show, please email

Looking forward to a summer of fun activities with my wife Cindy and our 65 Corvette.

Drive safely everyone.

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1 Comment

Ronald Latine
Ronald Latine
May 07, 2022

It was not only that we appreciated the 30 + cars that attended, we enjoyed the many spectators who stopped in to take a look and and let us talk about our cars. The Comradery generated between the members and visitors is what we strive for. Further, the free sunday was delicious. Ron

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