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Frigid First Freddy's Friday for HRHR

Tonight was the first meetup at Freddy's in Highlands Ranch. About 7 members braved the cold and wind to meet at Freddy's. To list a few was Tom and Tammy with their C5 Corvette. Zach Conrad was there with an early 1964 LS2 powered GTO. Mike and Janet were there with there Trans AM and Virgil and Wendy were there with one of their Trans AMs. I'm not sure who had the mid 50's T-Bird it was a good looking car. Ron and I weren't as brave as the rest so we drove our daily drivers. There was a lot of visiting we were all glad to get out.

To all HRHR members it is real important to attend the members meeting May 11th 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM - Mike Ward Maserati 1850 Lucent court, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129, USA

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