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Private Club Outing - Cussler Museum

This past Saturday the Highlands Ranch Hot Rodders club members went on a private outing to the Cussler Museum. The Cussler Museum is a private collection of cars belonging to the late Clive Cussler. The cars in the museum consists of cars from the early 1900's to the mid 60's. Approximated 30 members and friends attended the outing. It was fun to discuss the aspects of the cars with the other club members. In this blog post I'll bounce off a few cars the peaked my interest.

1958 Buick Series 700 Limited

I liked this car as it had a lot of detail and a lot of chrome. Check that grill out, now that's what you call busy all those rows of tiny squares. The color of this car was awesome sort of dark blue / turquoise very nice paint. I didn't get a picture of the back end of the car but it was sporting a continental kit with an extended back bumper. Back in 1958 if you were to cruse through town in the baby it would definitely be a head turner.

1929 4-1/2 Liter Blower Bentley

This was car was one of the most interesting cars there. Starting from the front the Blower and carburetors were sticking out in front of the grill. This car was raced extensively back in the day. Check out the exhaust pipe and fuel lines all kinds of valves to adjust the amount of fuel going to the engine. Lets talk about 1929 not much for paved roads back then therefore you would be on a dirt road running at speeds excessive of 100 mile per hour. I took a picture of the back wheel as it had massive brakes that were mechanical. But lets make things complicated look at that dash board, Starting with the steering wheel I think the two leavers on each side of the horn button are for throttle and ignition timing. There are only two pedals so that would be the breaks and clutch with the shifter uptight against the right kick panel. The dash board had a lot of things happening so in the last picture I zoomed in on the brains of the operation. Today this would all be computer controlled but back then at speeds over 100MPH you would be looking and adjusting the air fuel mixture with what the glass bulb full of gas and air gauge next to it and the big knobs next to them for tuning. I know what your thinking... "I want one of those!" In 2014 a twin to this car sold in Texas for $3.7 million dollars. This car is featured in Clive's book the "Havana Storm".

(Left) 1951 Daimler DE-36 Green Goddess

(Center) 1937 Cord 812 SC Berline

First let's talk about he Daimler, this car is a beast weighing over 3 tons! It is so long and so big that it has compartments in the front fenders for luggage. You probably have never see a car like this on the road as there were only 8 of them made.

Now lets talk about the Cord in the center below. Cord was a unique car for its time being that it is front wheel drive. Errett Cord was the original designer and manufacture of the car and he took a lot of criticism for it being front wheel drive. Today most cars are front wheel drive, talking about being ahead of the times. To help explain the unique shifter I found a picture of one (Pic on the Right). The shifter was on the end of the gear shift leaver you shifted it with your thumb. This ran a series of electric solenoids located in front of the grill between the two driving lights. Lets talk complicated and unreliable. Today I'm still kicking myself as my friend Tim who owns one of these Cords offered to let me drive it and I passed up the chance.

In Summary

This was a great outing arranged by Rod Newberry our club events coordinator. If you have company coming to town and you looking for an outing the Cussler Museum is well worth taking them to.

The private club events are well worth going to. I have enjoyed all of them that I've attended.

Up Coming Private Events

July 4 Parade and The Woods Hosting a club arranged breakfast at their car condos. Here's the opportunity to get your Hot Rod out and show it off. I attended the parade last year and its a lot of fun cruising up and down Highlands Ranch Parkway lined with spectators. After the parade the Woods graciously open their car condos named "Diner Town" and "Town Saloon" for you to tour, check out Woody's and Diana's memorabilia and enjoy Breakfast Burritos from Casa Caliente. Details to follow on

July 16th annual club picnic hosted at Mark Allen's house. Mark opens up his man cave and yard for this great event. Please come and enjoy some of Mark's car collection and show off your Hot Rod. Meet other club members while enjoying Hickory House BBQ. Details to follow on

Get out your Hot Rod, drive safely and enjoy the Colorado Summer.


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